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Hey there!!  I’m Neopolitan!!

I am 5 months old and approximately 40lbs.  I’m a shepherd/collie mix.  I’m a totally adventurous,  athletic little guy!!  I love exploring the outdoors, my favorite toy is my nylabone ball (I can catch it on the bounce!!), and my favorite game is tug o’ war!!  I have tons of energy, but when it’s time to relax, I’m always up for a good snuggle!!  I’m doing a great job learning how to sit and wait before eating, how to “leave it”, annnnnnd I'm potty and crate trained!!  I’m also learning to love bath time, pawdicures, and getting my ears cleaned.  I can’t wait to meet you, I just know we’ll be best friends!!

This young Mom found herself in quite the pickle down in NC but East Coast Canine Rescue swooped in and saved the day❣ Reina is a 1y 8m old beautiful shepherd mix who is about 55 lbs, good with dogs, children and cats. She loves her crate  and puts herself in it when she's ready for her afternoon nap, at night and when it's time to eat. She's also housebroken! 
Reina rarely barks, loves to be outside and suns herself on the deck. Her energy will match yours;  if you want adventure...she's there; if you want to sit and watch TV...she's there too! Her temperament is so easy going and loving. Now it's Renia's time to shine!   

Griffin is a 2 year old, 36lb high energy pup. He is completely housebroken but not a fan of crates. He is very excitable and does not like to be left alone very often.

He does well with other

dogs but has not met any other types of animals.

While he loves children, he does not know how rough

to play and tends to get anxious when kids are running or too loud. For those reasons we feel he would do better in a home without children. He loves going for walks but is an escape artist. His fur is a beautiful tan/cream color and he loves to cuddle. His cute ears make everyone laugh! He's such a handsome hunk, could you be his forever?


Durian has been with his foster for a while and although

they absolutely love each

other Durian is still searching for his forever home!

Let’s get Durian ADOPTED

and show him some

East Coast Canine love!

❤️ Durian is an Aussie/hound mix! He is kind, friendly

and loves to share kisses.

He has learned commands: come, sit, let go, and paw.

He finds comfort in his

crate, he is great about asking to be let outside to potty, and sleeps the entire night.  

If he isn’t playing with his toys he is the ultimate couch potato! Please adopt this wonderful fellow and make him a

part of your family!


Overcrowded shelters take in millions of stray, abused, and lost animals every year. Not only do these animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically beneficial to their companions. Additionally, when you adopt, you are opening up another space for a rescue or shelter to help another animal in need.  



Not ready to adopt? That’s okay – You can still help! Fostering is a great way to help without the commitment. East Coast Canine Rescue is a 100% foster based rescue. Our dogs are saved from high-kill shelters as well as situations of abuse and neglect.  We believe every dog deserves a home; therefore, our dogs are immediately placed in foster homes where they are loved, cared for, and provided a home where they can let their personality shine. 


Volunteers are an integral part of East Coast Canine Rescue Inc.  We are always looking for friendly, dynamic, dog-loving people eager to help get our deserving dogs find loving homes. We are consistently looking for volunteers to help in our many departments: Transportation of dogs to events and foster homes, Home Visits, Photography, and Adoption Events. 

New Jersey

Check back later!


Check back later!


ECCR receives a $20 check for every new customer that signs up with!

And remember to choose ECCR on Amazon Smile. 

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