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Meet Campbell a 1 year old Boxer/Terrier mix! He's slower to trust, but once trust is gained he's your loyal protector. We are working on leash training. This guy loves to sniff, sometimes it appears he may want to run off when really there's just an area he'd like to sniff. He is FAST!  With daily training of basic commands, he will sit and listen for as long as he can. We are working with a dog trainer to better help him, and it appears he's just a terrific little bud who wants to trust you! He will tap at your feet and then run to the door when he has to use the bathroom.  He just appreciates your patience. He loves to eat an assortment of meats and Greek Vanilla yogurt is his favorite. Not much of a veggie/fruit eater. Campbell can be a bit hesitant with that crate. But with comfy pillows and blankets, he is willing to check it out. He will run after and sometimes retrieve a ball.  He had a rough start,  but man is he the bestest boy!! He deserves an even better home!

Calaveres is a 1 year old boxer mix with a face to match! He has the cutest little “boxer underbite” that makes it look like he’s always smiling to match his "on the go" personality! He is super smart, knows his basic commands, and only uses potty pads overnight! There’s almost nothing this guy won’t do for a t-r-e-a-t! Calaveres is on the bigger side(and still growing!) so he’s looking for a family that can keep up with his energy level! He does great with other dogs/animals and loves playing with humans of all ages! His favorite toy is anything that bounces but will fetch anything thrown his way! He does great in the car and LOVES getting treats from the girls at the coffee shop! Cal adores his naps and sleeps through the night next to his brother dreaming of the day he finds his furever family!

Mojo is a 6 year old pit bull who loves to cuddle. He has some anxiety issues that make him very protective of his humans. Despite his size he loves to be dressed up, loves baths, but most of all he loves companionship. Going out on walks are tricky for him at this time. Mojo likes to be outside but his anxiety takes over and he goes into “protective mode.”

Mojo loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch or in bed. He has no food aggression at all and really is a gentle giant with his people. Mojo should be an only dog due to his protective nature. 


Overcrowded shelters take in millions of stray, abused, and lost animals every year. Not only do these animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically beneficial to their companions. Additionally, when you adopt, you are opening up another space for a rescue or shelter to help another animal in need.  



Not ready to adopt? That’s okay – You can still help! Fostering is a great way to help without the commitment. East Coast Canine Rescue is a 100% foster based rescue. Our dogs are saved from high-kill shelters as well as situations of abuse and neglect.  We believe every dog deserves a home; therefore, our dogs are immediately placed in foster homes where they are loved, cared for, and provided a home where they can let their personality shine. 


Volunteers are an integral part of East Coast Canine Rescue Inc.  We are always looking for friendly, dynamic, dog-loving people eager to help get our deserving dogs find loving homes. We are consistently looking for volunteers to help in our many departments: Transportation of dogs to events and foster homes, Home Visits, Photography, and Adoption Events. 

New Jersey

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