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Foster FAQs

If you’d like to make a real impact on homeless animals, consider becoming a foster family. The foster home is a necessary spoke in the animal rescue wheel and without them, little to no movement can occur. The ability to provide a temporary home to a dog in need is an immensely rewarding experience for both you and the dog you’ve opened up your heart and home to. 

I’m worried about something. Who do I contact?

You will be provided direct contact information to our foster coordinator if you have questions about your foster. You may contact Vicki (Foster Coordinator) via text.  If it is immediate - please text “911” and Vicki will get back to you ASAP. 

When you say “foster,” what does that mean?

Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you're: freeing up a spot so the shelter or rescue can take in another dog. East Coast Canine Rescue is 100% foster based as we believe in saving dogs from loud, overcrowded shelters so that we can place them in a warm, loving, and safe home while they wait for their happily ever after.   


What is the foster application process?

The process is the same as our adoption process. If you have or have had a pet in the last two years, we will contact your vet for a reference. Then, personal references, interview, and as always, a home visit. Once you have completed the foster process, you will be contacted by out foster coordinator. 

What about supplies and vet care?

Our rescue is open to providing you with everything you may need to foster a dog. This also includes vet care while the dog is in your home. If you do need supplies, you can speak with our foster coordinator about how we can help.

How long do you usually have a foster for?

That depends. Puppies usually are adopted fairly quickly, especially if we have events monthly scheduled in both Connecticut and New Jersey. Older dogs may take a bit longer to be adopted, but that allows you to love them for a longer period of time! We count on our foster homes to get to know the dog’s personality, temperament, and energy level. This helps us with finding the best suitable home for your foster. 


Average time to date:

Puppies: 3-4 weeks

Adults:  2-6 months

What can I do to help our foster get adopted?

Great question. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures! Advocating for your foster on social media, at work, or at an outing with friends is the best way to find your foster a forever home. We also ask that when you pick up your foster, start taking pictures right away and send them to us. We love getting updated pictures and seeing your foster blossom in your home!

It’s been awhile and my foster is still not adopted.  I’m tired and I’d like it to be moved to another home. Is that possible?

When you commit to fostering a dog, you are acknowledging and agreeing to have the dog in your home until we find their happily forever after.  If we move a foster, that takes another home away from a dog we could be saving. Please remember that YOU are the best advocate for your foster and ECCR will help in every way possible to ensure we find your foster a home. Thank you for understanding.  



Our dogs are temperament tested, they are all dog and people friendly. We will cat test upon request. We will not place a dog/human aggressive dog in a home. Our dogs are fully vetted according to their age: vaccinations will be up to date, will be microchipped and altered (if old enough), and on fleat/tick/heartworm preventatives

Not ready to Foster? Donate today!

​We are always accepting donations. East Coast Canine is 100% volunteer owned and operated. Your donations allow us to provide life saving veterinary care to many dogs in need. We make sure no dog under our care goes without. 

ECCR is an approved 501C3, and your donations are tax deductible.


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