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We are so sorry to hear that it did not work out between you and your new dog. Every rescue has their OWN return policy. If you did not adopt through ECCR, please visit your rescue’s website and contact the appropriate person. 


If you adopted from ECCR and you feel it would be best to re-home your ECCR dog, please contact us below via email.  



It is our policy that you will keep the dog in your home until we find a suitable and appropriate adopter.

Typically, if your dog has a bite history, they will be difficult to place.

We recommend you have a trainer come out for several sessions so you can keep your pet.

Most adopters looking for a rescue dog, will not adopt a dog with bite history.



We ask that you provide ECCR with a in-depth bio about your ECCR dog. This will help us find the best suitable home.  


Things that are helpful to know...

How old is your dog? 

Are they Up-to-date on vaccines? 

Do they have any behavioral issues? Separation Anxiety?

Are they good with other dogs?

Favorite things to do?  

Do they know basic commands? 

Are they good with people? Kids?

Are they cat tested?

What is their energy level?

Are they crate trained? Housebroken?


Thanks! Message sent.

Not ready to Adopt? Donate today!

​We are always accepting donations. East Coast Canine is 100% volunteer owned and operated. Your donations allow us to provide life saving veterinary care to many dogs in need. We make sure no dog under our care goes without. 

ECCR is an approved 501C3, and your donations are tax deductible.


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